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Best beach towns in Portugal to live

Best beach towns in Portugal

When you hear about Portugal, you will usually think of the popular cities such as Lisbon and Porto but also the beautiful coastal towns with beautiful views and beaches. There are plenty of places when choosing a beach town in Portugal and in this article, we’ll show you some of the best beach towns you could invest in.


Most beach towns are concentrated either around Lisbon or the region of the Algarve, but don’t let that limit you in your exploratory efforts.


These seaside destinations will leave you speechless while satisfying any thirst for the sea and sand.


Without any further ado – let’s begin…


Comporta is a charming beach town about an hour’s drive south of Lisbon. Situated on the Alentejo coast, Comporta is blessed with long stretches of empty beach backed by dunes, pine forests and rice paddies.

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Comporta is a hideout for celebrities, artists, architects, and those searching for one of the best hideouts in Europe. If you have an online business, Comporta is the ideal place to work remotely and enjoy a sophisticated and private lifestyle!

Vila Nova de Milfontes

The largest beach town on the Alentejo Coast, Vila Nova de Milfontes features an exceptional combination of beaches, history and nightlife. There are several secluded spots along the coast where you can go for a quieter living.

Best beach towns in Portugal

The population of Vila Nova de Milfontes swells as high as 50,000 in summer, if you’re looking for a festive beach atmosphere while also having quiet spots to unwind, then Vila Nova de Milfontes is your go to.


The beautiful Algarve region in southern Portugal ends in red and yellow cliffs, sea caves, and rocky outcrops on golden beaches. Lagos is one of the most interesting of these towns and is located right beside some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Lagos has a lively nightlife, it’s a beach town that offers something for every kind of traveler, but it’s best for families because it’s away from the younger and overcrowded places. 


The Algarve region is considered a high-density interior area, meaning the only properties available here are commercial. If you’re looking to invest in commercial properties for the Portugal golden visa then Lagos it’s your best bet!


If a seaside town isn’t necessarily on your list, don’t let that limit your efforts. At Golden Port Visa we’re going to help you find the perfect property that fits your lifestyle.


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