Why the Portugal Golden Visa is perfect for your family?

family portugal golden visa

Get EU citizenship for all your family

The residency by investment offers visa free travel throughout the European Union and the possibility to obtain a Portuguese passport for all family members within five years.

Affordable, easy process & stable country

Minimum investment begins at 280,000 EUR with guaranteed rental income. With our help, the process is as easy as 123. Portugal is a stable EU country using the EURO as its currency.

With our help, the process is easy

Portugal Golden Visa Properties

1️⃣ Select your investment

2️⃣ Obtain Tax ID (NIF) & bank account

3️⃣ In person SEF appointment

Get your Golden Visa

The application process in more detail

Select the investment type you desire

Decide the type of investment you want to make and sign a reservation agreement.

Engage with our partner law firm

Engage with our partner law firm to get your Tax ID (NIF) & open a bank account.

Complete the investment

The Portugal Golden Visa requires the investment payment to be made via a Portuguese bank account.

Submit the application

We will submit your application to SEF once you made your qualifying investment and all your documents are ready.

SEF appointment

We wil schedule your appointment with SEF for biometrics. The physical presence is required at the SEF offices to take fingerprints and conclude your application status.

Get your Golden Visa

Your resident permit is given to you and your family members. Each card has a two-year validity period. After this time is over, renew your card to get a new one

Minimum required stay & passport

Minimum required stay

Within the first two years you must spend a total of 14 days in Portugal. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th year you must spend a total of 21 days. Renewal is every two years.

Portugal Vertical Passport Photo

Portuguese passport

After five years, you and all your family members can apply for permanent residency or citizenship in Portugal. The process might take from six months up to a year.

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About us

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We specialise in the niche sector of the Portugal residency by real estate investment programme, also known as the Portugal Golden Visa.

We assist business people, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and families gain freedom of movement with a stress-free paperwork process. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards of service and transparency and take pride in our more than 1500+ successful applications.

 We are much more than an investment migration consultancy, we are a trusted partner and advisor.

I'm convinced the Portugal Golden Visa is perfect to help me secure a succesful future for my family - so what are the requirements?

✅ The main applicant must be 18 years or older, you can then include all your family members

✅ No one must have criminal records 

✅ Not having a EU or Swiss citizenship

✅ You must make a property investment of at least 280,000 EUR

portugal golden visa for families

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