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Immigration Services Portugal: Benefits of Choosing Golden Port Visa

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At Golden Port Visa we recognize you have choice when choosing your agent and representative. Country boundaries and physical location offer few restrictions as to where your agency needs to be based. It’s not necessary to meet your consultant in order to commence business. 

But with this in mind it is still important to do your checks and due diligence on who you want to work for you. We have listed below the principal questions we recommend you ask about any business you are thinking of engaging to represent you for residency or citizenship through investment.

Working with Golden Port Visa for your immigration services in Portugal means that you’ll be working with national experts, giving you the best insights and investment opportunities, and helping you in Portugal for all your Portugal needs. 

We have in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements and processes, deep relationships with all participants in the programme including but not limited to real estate developers, banks, lawyers, and government agencies, and can provide tailored advice to help you achieve your goals in Portugal with your Portugal Golden Visa application.

On the other hand, generalized immigration agencies may not have the same level of expertise in for Portugal, so if you already know you want the Portugal Golden Visa, then we are your best choice.

Questions & Answers

Does your agent offer you a full contract and detailed quote with all costs included?

Yes, we offer a specific calculator for your selected investment. We also offer a general calculator for you to view a general Portugal Golden Visa Cost overview.

Can you verify your agent, usually offices or web and updated news about the program as well as press mentions?

Is your agent prominent in this industry? Do they have a significant presence? Conferences, news appearances, recommendations? Yes, we attend numerous summits and we are a point of reference for many international agents looking to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa for their clients. This has been our core business which we are now expanding to have our direct clients.

Can they offer tailored insight and analysis to the programme, the strength of the passport and what it adds for you personally? Yes, we offer a wealth of data and updated news in our blog. We offer a personalised approach dedicated to your case.

Does your agent have experience in the particular programme?

No other agency will do better the Portugal Golden Visa than usGuaranteed.

Does your agent have experience in the investment class? Yes, we deal exclusively with Portuguese investment funds and real estate in Portugal, view our Portfolio.

Is your agent offering you prices or promises that are “too good to be true”?

 Be careful with many agents offering no commission, etc – we are very transparent about how we make our money, see about us page.

Does your agent insist on taking full payment themselves rather than allowing you to pay the government or developer direct? You pay lawyers and developers directly, we assist you in the process and your application. 

We are your agent and Portuguese representative for the whole duration of your application and beyond. We have been operational since 2014.

Does your agent have the right licenses to operate, and are they part of a recognised industry body?

Yes, Golden Port Visa has a Portuguese broker and investment license. This is an obligation to operate in Portugal.

Is your agent supported by independent, professional legal partners who you have access too? We put you in contact with the best developers, lawyers, and bankers. You can talk with them directly, which is in fact a necessity for the lawyer and banker in order to process your case efectively.

Can they offer genuine client testimonials over a period of time to back up their claims? Indeed, we have succesfuly processed over 330 applications over the last 9 years. You can see our testimonials in our homepage.

Has your agent dealt with applicants and investors from your country previously?

We have clients from all over the world, but of course some prime markets stand out, these being the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Brasil, China, South Africa, India and Russia.

Is your agent an advisor to any government programmes or are they completely independent and offering impartial advice?

We are independent and benefit from having our own broker and investor license, giving us the authority and responsibility to help our clients navigate the Portugal Golden Visa programme.

Comparison with Generalized Immigration Agencies

While generalized immigration agencies, such as Golden Visas or Henley & Partners, may seem like a good choice due to their broad range of services, several key differences make specialized agencies like Golden Port Visa a better choice for your immigration and second citizenship application.


Generalized immigration agencies offer a wide range of services, but they may not have the expertise or resources to handle specific cases and issues when they arise. 

We offer a range of specialized services for Portugal such as visa applications, immigration consulting, legal representation, investment opportunities, key insights on regions and areas, and local and national advice and comments on trends and other relevant information. 

This level of specialization ensures that you receive the best service and support for your Portuguese immigration and investment needs.

Portugal Citizenship by Investment


Generalized immigration agencies may have a mixed reputation due to their broad range of services and lack of specialization.

Golden Port Visa has successfully obtained for over 330 investors their Portugal Golden Visa, and most have obtained and are in the way to get their second citizenship.

Customer Support

Generalized immigration agencies may have a large volume of clients and may not be able to provide personalized support. We have streamlined our process to get you a Golden Visa in Portugal saving time, and money and reducing the stress of getting your Portuguese residency and in the five years, the passport.

Our local team of experts will guide you through each step of the application process, offering personalized support and guidance from choosing the right investment option to preparing the necessary paperwork, as well as the final application after 5 years.

Exclusive investment opportunities

Being a specialized Portuguese consultancy, we have access to exclusive investment opportunities that are not available to foreign consultancies. We offer you a wider range of options that suit your needs and goals. See our portfolio.


In conclusion, choosing a specialized immigration and second citizenship investment agency like Golden Port Visa offers many benefits.

By focusing solely on Portugal, Golden Port Visa has developed a profound understanding of the complexities and nuances of the Golden Visa programme. We also have deep relationships with all participants in the programme, including but not limited to, real estate developers, banks, lawyers, and government agencies

Getting a Golden Visa in Portugal is time-consuming and complex to navigate the local bureaucracy that requires effort and expertise. By helping +300 investors obtain their Golden Visa in Portugal, we have proven ourselves we have the necessary to guide you through this process successfully.

This expertise allows us to provide you with personalized and effective solutions for your unique situation.

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