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How can Golden Port Visa help me get a golden visa?

How can Golden Port Visa help me get a golden visa?

If you’re planning to apply for the Portugal golden visa, you’ll want to read how Golden Port Visa can help you get one.


We often see people asking if they need to work with an immigration consultancy to apply for the Portugal golden visa.


The real answer is no. You do not need to work with an immigration consultancy to apply for a golden visa, anyone can fill out their own application form and send it off, hoping it will not cause any problems.


You can apply for the Portuguese golden visa by yourself, but you won’t have any guidance on national laws. You’ll find it difficult to find a property in an interior area where most people don’t speak English, and you’ll be stressed out trying to beat the local bureaucracy.

Why should I work with an Immigration consultancy:

How can you avoid all these headaches?


The simple answer is to work with a national immigration consultancy


You’d get assistance, guidance, a team of legal and real estate advisors, and investment advisors to your disposition through the entire process.


You could do your application for the golden visa, but would you get this amount of support? We don’t think so.


Sometimes, a knowledgeable, helping hand makes the difference, right? We make the process of applying for the Portuguese golden visa stress-free. 


Here are 4 reasons why you should work with an immigration consultancy:

Immigration consultants will save you time and money

Sure, immigration consultancies charge a fee for their services, but in the end, you’re buying time.


You won’t be all day seating in your office trying to understand why it’s taking too long for your application.


You also eliminate the chances of making mistakes in your application. Minor mistakes on your visa application carry huge financial costs – not to mention the possibility of needing to start the process.

A qualified consultant will stand up for you

Intimidated by the idea of speaking to a government official? You are not alone.


This proves challenging even when you know you’re in the right. A qualified consultant will stand their ground for you.


They reach out to the right contacts and authorities to get answers and solutions suitable for you.

How can Golden Port Visa help me get a golden visa

Provide personal attention

Qualified consultants know the information that high-quality applications need. They take great care to help you avoid hidden traps within the application and process.


If you get married or divorced or have a child, a qualified consultant will assist you in evaluating how these changes might impact your application.

Remove yourself from dealing with roadblocks

Immigration consultants exercise patience and attention to detail. They’ll take your application and make sure your documents remain current.


If a problem arises with documents, payments, or processes, your immigration consultancy sorts these roadblocks out for you.


Immigration consultants offer you peace of mind. 

At Golden Port Visa, we are specialized in the Portuguese residency by real estate investment program, assisting you and your family gain freedom of movement with a stress-free paperwork process. 


We are more than just an immigration consultancy. We are your trusted Portuguese partner and advisor, making your success our mission.


To conclude, an immigration consultancy may not be required, but they definitely make the entire process much easier than doing it alone.


Even if you decide not to work with us, consider what we covered in this post before working with an immigration consultancy.


If they provide the key details above, rest assured you’re in good hands.


Contact us via email or schedule a free consultation call to see if we’re a good fit for you. 

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