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Lisbon golden visa: what you need to know

Lisbon golden visa

Lisbon is becoming an increasingly popular destination for real estate investment and get a golden visa. 


The city has a rich history and culture and is well-known for its beautiful architecture.

Lisbon is also convenient for British investors, as it is easy to reach by air from most major European cities.

The real estate market in Lisbon is currently very strong, with prices rising steadily. 

 There is a great demand for both residential and commercial property, and new construction projects are underway throughout the country.

 However, as of the changes of January 2022, there are geographical restrictions on the qualifying properties in Lisbon and other popular regions of Portugal, such as Porto and the Algarve.

 What does that mean? 

 If you want to invest in a residential property in Lisbon in 2022, that is not possible. 

 But that doesn’t mean there’s no chance to invest in Lisbon. 

 One way to unlock this area is by investing in commercial properties like hotels.

 Check our portfolio with the most exclusive commercial properties.


Lisbon golden visa

Why invest in Lisbon real estate?

Lisbon is on the rise though its real estate market still remains undervalued.


Recently, it’s become a tourist hot spot and a business center. 


If you’re considering investing in Lisbon real estate, here are some reasons it’s a good idea.

 First, Lisbon is a great place to live. The weather is mild, and the city has a lot to offer in terms of culture and entertainment. 

 Second, Lisbon is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. More and more people are coming to visit Lisbon every year. 

 This means that there is high demand for vacation rental properties. 

 If you own a property in Lisbon golden visa, you can expect to see good returns on your investment.

 Third, property prices are expected to rise as the economy grows.

The Lisbon real estate market still remains relatively affordable compared to other European capitals such as London and Paris.

Purchasing a property in Portugal

You might be thinking that buying a property in a popular spot and qualifying for a golden visa at the same time isn’t possible.


That’s not true, though. 


One way to unlock the geographical restriction of Lisbon for golden visa, is by investing in commercial properties.


It could be a shop, offices or if you want to stay in Lisbon for a couple of weeks, you might want to invest in hotels.

Some of these commercial properties offer a guaranteed rental income. So, if you want to invest in this beautiful city, check out our commercial property portfolio.

Buy property in Portugal and get residency

Lisbon’s real estate market is booming, with many investment opportunities. 


If you’re thinking of buying a property in Lisbon, now is a great time to do so. Prices are on the rise, and there is a lot of interest in the city from buyers worldwide. 


With its stunning architecture, Mediterranean climate, and vibrant culture, Lisbon is an increasingly popular destination for those looking to purchase a second home or investment property.

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