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Living in Alentejo

Living in Alentejo

In this article, we’ll present the perks of living in Alentejo.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to have peace of mind, Alentejo is the perfect place for you.

Alentejo, the south-central region of Portugal, is one of the most underrated place in the country. It has been known as a peaceful area where nature meets tradition.

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In 2019 Forbes noticed this hidden gem and described it as “the new place to go in Portugal.”

As the world is falling in love with Portugal and the new rules for the golden visa favor Alentejo real estate market, more and more investors are turning their heads here.

But what is it like to live in Alentejo?

First, you must get to know the region.

The Alentejo region covers a large part of the country and is known as the heart of Portugal.

Alentejo is made up of 5 districts, each named after their capital cities:

  • Santarém

  • Portalegre

  • Évora

  • Setúbal

  • Beja

A curious fact about this region is that Alentejo has the lowest population density in Portugal. Perfect for those looking for a tranquil atmosphere.
Living in Alentejo

Alentejo: A day in the Life

The heart of Portugal, Alentejo, is a region of plains, agriculture, and small villages.

The Alentejanos have a rich culture and are warm and friendly, making it easy to make new friends.

And if you want to muster new energy and nourish your mind and body, there is no better place than Alentejo.

You could expect days where…

You’ll wake up to the sound of birds singing and the sun shining in through your window. After breakfast, you’ll head out to explore the town.

First, you’ll stop by the 16th-century castle that overlooks the town. Then, you’ll wander through the narrow streets, admiring the colorful flowers that bloom everywhere.

Further, you’ll take a stroll through one of the vineyards that dot the landscape. You might even stop for a tasting at one of the local wineries.

Finally, speaking of wine, Portugal has a long and rich history in winemaking, dating back to the Roman Empire. Portuguese wines are known for their intense flavors and aromas and come in red and white varieties.

But that wouldn’t be complete without food, right?

Portuguese food is some of the most underrated cuisines in the world. Often overshadowed by its more popular European counterparts, as a result the Portuguese food is a hidden gem that deserves more attention.

Portugal’s location on the coast means that seafood plays a big role in the national diet.

According to Monocle Magazine, Alentejo is unspoiled with natural landscapes and great food.

Likewise the north of Portugal can compete, but Alentejo is definitely a place where you cannot get enough of the delicious traditional dishes.

Best places to live in Alentejo


The Évora district is precisely what people think of Alentejo. No surprise, the city of Évora is the capital and one of the most important cities in Alentejo.

Although not yet as popular as Porto or the Algarve, Évora is a place with its own personality, a calm, charming and safe city.

Évora is the ideal place for you if you and your family are looking for a peaceful lifestyle yet not completely isolated and far from larger cities.

Living in Alentejo


While Alentejo is mainly referred to as an agricultural area, it is also home to some of the most beautiful coastal zones in Portugal.

Comporta Portugal is a hidden gem on the Portuguese coast. This small town is known for its unspoiled beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxurious lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Comporta is the perfect spot. Spend your days lounging on the beach, swimming in the azure waters, or exploring the charming streets of this quaint town.

With its stunning natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Comporta is a true paradise. So if you’re looking for a relaxing and luxurious getaway, add Comporta Portugal to your list!

Living in Alentejo

In short, living in Alentejo may be a blessing to some people but terrible for others. And it all comes down to what lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.

If you want your family and yourself to be closer to nature and fresh air and do outdoor activities. You’ll find that freedom and exclusivity by living in Alentejo.

Schedule a free consultation call to know more about the program and see if Alentejo meets your needs.

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