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Madeira golden visa

Madeira golden visa

The Madeira Golden Visa is a unique opportunity for investors seeking a residency permit in Portugal. For those wanting to move to this stunning country, the scheme provides an attractive option as it offers access to an array of benefits, including business opportunities and tax incentives.

With many investors seeking ways to finance their dream of living abroad, the Madeira Golden Visa has become increasingly popular over the last few years.


In this detailed article, we’ll look at how Portugal’s autonomous region of Madeira is 2023’s best golden visa destination.


Portugal sets an exceptional example for anyone planning to acquire (or regain!) EU citizenship.

Madeira golden visa overview:

Portugal offers flexible visa options, permits dual citizenship, allows easy access to its language opportunities, and has a short period of five years to apply for citizenship. It also happens to be a very safe country.


There’s no need to move permanently to Portugal during those five years unless you want to. It allows you to continue your lifestyle elsewhere while your investment spends time in Portugal for you.


You only need to do a short annual visit to Portugal ( 7 days the first year and 14 days the following years), which is enough to maintain your residency status all the way to citizenship.

Investment opportunities in Madeira

Since the golden visa scheme started, Portugal’s major cities Lisbon and Porto have been prime real estate investment destinations, along with the Algarve region.

But in 2022, the Portuguese government introduced some changes to the purchase of real estate in the country, designed to redirect foreign investments to other areas of Portugal.


Now, Lisbon, Porto, and some of the Algarve are only eligible if you invest in commercial properties.


Fortunately, there are still plenty of good opportunities to get your golden visa by investing in Portuguese residential real estate.


And while the government is still reviewing the program – Madeira is one of the best investment options.


You may have heard about a further 20% discount available on golden visa properties in low-density areas of Portugal.

Madeira is currently not included in the low-density category, so the investment threshold you may find in this region is a bit higher than Èvora and Comporta.


Though prices are lower than Lisbon, Porto, or popular areas of the Algarve.

Madeira golden visa

What are lifestyle benefits of this region?

Madeira offers plenty of reasons why it should be on your list of places to consider for your next home, from its sunny climate and crystal clear waters to its affordable cost of living and laid-back atmosphere.


And there’s more…

  • Direct flights to key European airports 
  • International flight connections to more countries via Lisbon
  • Year-warm weather
  • Remote worker-friendly

In short, the Madeira Golden Visa offers an attractive option for those interested in obtaining a residency permit and fast-tracking their investment immigration process.

It is a great way to benefit from the benefits of living and working in Europe while still having the freedom of international travel. 

This program also does not require you to have any language proficiency until you apply for citizenship. Therefore, it may be an ideal fit for many individuals looking to move abroad and enjoy the many advantages of a Portuguese golden visa.

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