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CBI Portugal: A full review of Portugal citizenship by investment

CBI Portugal

Getting a European Union passport is possible with the CBI Portugal. One of the most sought-after citizenship by investment programs in the EU that allows you to stay in Portugal permanently or even become a citizen in five years.


In this post, we’ll dive into the program, how it works, the requirements, its benefits, and how you can apply for it.


The Portugal CBI or golden visa is a residency by investment program that allows foreigners to live, work, and study in Portugal.


It’s a renewable residence permit that allows you to make a further application for Portuguese citizenship if you hold your investment for five years.

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The program is considered the most attractive program among investors due to its fast-tracked pathway to EU citizenship and affordable investment options compared to other EU golden visa programs.


To be eligible for the program, you need to make a qualified investment in real estate, run a business or create full-time jobs, invest in funds, or make an endowment to Art/ heritage and culture. 

You can check more about the pros and cons of the investment options here.

Who is the Portugal CBI for?

Portugal’s residence permit is designed for non-EU national investors and entrepreneurs who can make investments in Portugal.


This investment can be made as an individual investor or through a sole proprietorship.

What are the benefits of the Portugal CBI?

Holding an investment in Portugal can give you:


  • Enter Portugal without having to apply for a residence visa.

  • Move around visa-free within the Schengen area.

  • Include your spouse, dependent children, and dependent siblings in the application.

  • Apply for Portuguese citizenship after five years.

Moreover, the minimum stay requirement is much shorter than other EU residency rules. To keep your residence status, you must stay in Portugal for seven days (1st year) and fourteen days (2nd – 5th year).

Rules and requirements for Portugal CBI

To be eligible for the citizenship by investment program, you must:


  •  Invest in the Portuguese economy.

  • Be 18 years old or older.

  • Have a clean criminal record in Portugal and home country.

Portugal CBI

Application for CBI Portugal

Before starting the application process, you’ll need to submit the following documents:


  • Valid passport.

  • Proof of legal entry into Portugal or a valid Schengen visa (each applicant).

  • Proof of residence, such as a copy of a recent utility bill, or a recent bank statement.

  • Original work certificate, duly dated, stamped, and signed to set up your bank account in Portugal.

  • Tax number of the origin country.

  • Criminal record certificate from country of origin.

  • Evidence of compliance with tax and social security.

  • Receipt of payment of the Portugal golden visa fees.

  • Documentary evidence of the eligibility of family member applicants.


All documents must be legalized and translated into Portuguese through a certified translator. 

Read more about the Portugal golden visa requirements here.

Can I apply for CBI Portugal myself?

Yes, you can apply for the golden visa yourself. But it’s recommended to have a partner experienced with the CBI Portugal that gives you local insights and guides you throughout the process since the program is subject to changes.


This citizenship by investment is the best way to obtain Portuguese citizenship for those who don’t have any connection to Portugal, whether through birth, descent, marriage, or otherwise.



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