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Portugal Golden Visa 2022 Changes

Portugal’s golden visa program is one of the most popular residency by investment programs in Europe and the world, in this article we’ll cover the new changes applied in Portugal Golden Visa 2022 and how you can take advantage of the current situation of the economic landscape.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent residency or citizenship the Portuguese golden visa is the ideal program if you’re trying to lower your taxes, expand your business to a dynamic market or secure your family’s future with an European passport.

Portugal golden visa 2022 opportunities:

If there is a lesson we have learned from the past two years with a pandemic and now with Russia and Ukraine war, it is that our world can change in an instant.

Many people are keen to secure a safe haven in another country with alarming events.

We’ve talked to clients worldwide on a daily basis and all have their reasons when deciding to get the Portuguese residecy.

It all comes down to the options that this second passport gives them.

With a lot of Golden Visas Programs out there is easy to feel overwhelmed, and just thinking about starting the process makes things complicated, but we know clients often face these challenges:

  • Getting a Schengen visa. Getting their money out of their country.
  • Getting an overseas account open.
  • Getting a resident status in a safe country that allows you to live, work, and study.
  • Having all your assets, investments, and saving in your home country in the same currency means heightened risks if the currency exchange rate plummets.

 But imagine the relief you and your family feel if you:

  • Have a solid option to move out of harm’s way in neccesary circumstances.
  • Having investments outside of your home country, serving as a hedge on the currency and also on the asset value if anything happens in your country.
  • Have a resident/ citizenship status in another country, where you can enter without needing a visa and start a new life.

Portugal is becoming popular as a destination for long-term residency for retirees, wealthy entrepreneurs, business people, and families.

Portugal offers and incredible weather, high safety and security levels, low living costs, a relaxed lifestyle, and good healthcare.

Getting a Portguese residecy is simple, but there are some important thing to know.

If you’re not an EU/ EEA/ Swiss citizen and nor is your partner, you can go with the Golden visa program to become a Portuguese resident.

The main prerequisite is to have at least €280,000 available to invest in Portugal.


Portugal CBI

Real estate changes for Portugal golden visa 2022

The new rules of the Portugal residency by investment or golden visa program limit locations where you can invest in a property. The minimum investment remains the same, while there geographical restrictions on the qualifying areas.

You’re no longer able to purchase a property in major cities such as Lisbon or Porto or coastal towns of the mainland.

Only properties investments inland and low-density areas are eligible.

Learn more about the Low-density area in Portugal here

Portugal offers many investment types that qualify for the Golden Visa. But the residency by real estate investment is the most attractive among our clients because they might earn rental income while waiting for citizenship status.

Applying for a second residency does take a bit of work and effort.

But imagine the possibilities you would have with your Portugal Golden Visa, contrary to those that thought of the idea of getting it.

Golden Port Visa is an immigration consultancy that will assist you through the process of the Portugal Golden Visa.

You won’t have to spend your time looking for properties to invest in. You don’t need to come to Portugal to start the process. We handle all the paperwork so you can focus on important matters.

Getting Portuguese citizenship is the end goal for many people who seek residency. You need to maintain your temporary residency status for five years before becoming eligible to apply for citizenship.

Portugal Golden Visa 2022

Why is the right time to invest in Portugal?

The Euro’s drop to a five-year low is reaching parity versus the dollar for the first time in two decades. This is the time to consider buying Euro-denominated assets cheaply.

Portugal has hit big numbers in tourism in recent history during the pandemic and became stronger. Tourism increased in the last recession as Europeans stopped taking exotic holidays and looked closer at what they have best at home.

If you’re looking for a haven, a second home, or a fresh start – then Portugal might be exactly what you need.

Contact us to know more about how to get a Portugal residency. Our international team is available to answer all your questions.

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