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Portugal Golden Visa 280000 Real Estate Investment

Évora Portugal real estate

We’ll explore the benefits of the Portugal golden visa 280000 program, the requirements for obtaining a golden visa, and the steps involved in the application process.

 Whether you are looking to start a new business, retire, or simply want to experience all that Portugal has to offer, the golden visa program may be the perfect opportunity for you.

But first, you must know what low-density areas are and how this can get you the Portugal golden visa for less money.

Low-density areas in the interior of Portugal are catching a lot of attention from investors and locals as well.


The Portugal Golden Visa is a Golden Visa program by the government that grants residency to people who invest in properties or any qualifying investments whether is a property located in a low-density or a high-density area in Portugal.


What are these low-density areas in Portugal?


 Low-density areas are regions that have less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer or per capita GDP. For example, Lisbon and Porto aren’t listed as low-density areas. However, the Algarve and several districts of Évora are included in the low-density areas that are eligible for the Portuguese Golden visa purposes.


The residency by real estate investment is the most popular among investors due to its convenience and lower price tag, starting at €280,000. 


If the property is located in a low-density area of the country, the value of this investment may be reduced by 20%.


You can buy a new property instead of €500,000 for €400,000 and still get the Golden Visa. Or you can invest in Portugal property that needs rehabilitation; in this case, the minimum requirement decreases to €350,000.


What are the requirements when buying a property in a low-density area in Portugal?


The property had to be built more than 30 years ago or located in a designated urban rehabilitation area. If the property is in a low-density area, the minimum requirement gets reduced to €280,000.


What are the best low-density areas to invest in?


Golden Port Visa would like to invite you on an exciting journey to explore the beautiful region of the Alentejo, a world heritage site and a precious gem of Portugal – each of these places qualified for the Portugal golden visa.


Without any further ado – let’s start with the best low-density places in Portugal to invest in.



Between the Tagus River and the Algarve is Alentejo, blessed with warm weather, a laid-back atmosphere and a beautiful coastline with the nicest beaches in Portugal.


Alentejo has long been known as a peaceful area where nature meets tradition. In recent years, the Algarve has experienced growth in the tourism industry, and many investors have seen the potential in the Alentejo real estate market.


Forbes described Alentejo as “the new place to go in Portugal,” and now as the world is falling in love with Portugal and the new Golden Visa rules favor Alentejo’s real estate market, more investors are turning their heads here.

Portugal Golden Visa 280,000€


In Évora, you’ll find many historic monuments, stunning architecture, religious sites, museums, and buildings.


With its history and pleasant weather, no wonder it has been named one of the Most Livable cities in Portugal.


In the past few years, Évora has seen a huge increase in the tourism sector, which led to the creation of many hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, Airbnb renting, and various other styles of lodging.


Why do we love Evora from the real estate investment point of view? One word: low-risk.


Évora is a relatively small city. Finding a good investment is like finding a diamond. You need to know the market, region, and local prices. 


Évora offers a truly unique Portuguese experience, with a distinctive heritage, delicious regional cuisines, and an infectious unhurried pace of life that is so wanted by people from big crowded cities.


Located in the northwest of Alentejo, Comporta is a small beachside village about an hour’s drive from Lisbon.


Buying a property in Comporta is synonymous with luxury living. You’ll be able to enjoy being sun-kissed on the beautiful beaches. 


Over the years, Comporta has been referred to as the “Hamptons of Europe,” one of Portugal’s most exclusive luxury summer destinations.


Properties in Comporta are more affordable than most upmarket destinations in western Europe.


An ideal place to work from home – for those who have adopted the hybrid work model.


Comporta is a community of three villages with multiple boutique hotels, rental homes, and restaurants. Though it looks like a beachside place suitable for short holidays, Comporta has a real estate scene that can get you the best returns.

Comporta Portugal real estate

Route to citizenship


Portugal Golden Visa is making it easier than ever for investors to take advantage of living in Europe.


As Alentejo, Évora and Comporta are among the low-density areas in Portugal, you can benefit from the Portugal Golden Visa 280000 EUR real estate option.


But finding your ideal property will not be easy if you do it alone. You need a local team of real estate brokers and legal and market experts by your side to assist you through the process.


When you buy the investment for 280,000 Euros, one of the conditions from the government is to renovate the property (renovation price is included in 280,000 Euros). You will face the problem of communication with the local construction company, which sometimes doesn’t speak good English.

Why would you need to bring additional problems and headaches to your life when you can just work with the local company that has already been through this process many times and knows all the underwater rocks?

At Golden Port Visa, we’ve worked with clients from all over the world and help them find their ideal property in Portugal and get a Golden Visa.


Contact us to schedule a free call or send us an email to know more about the program.

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