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Frequently Asked Questions

The Portugal Golden Visa is the best European Golden Visa programme. In this page – the Portugal Golden Visa FAQ – you will find the answers to the most common questions on why the Portugal Golden Visa is such as great programme for international business people and families who wish to obtain a European passport within a couple of years.

The Portugal Golden Visa can be considered a great investment. Especially if you or your family do not already posses a European passport.

A Golden Visa – also called immigrant investor programmes – needs to be a smart investment in your future. And with the Portugal Golden Visa you cannot go wrong. You may consider it like an insurance policy, as well giving you loads of freedom to travel the world visa-free.

At Golden Port Visa we help you successfully apply & retain your Portugal Golden Visa. From start to finish, until you obtain the passport we help you with:

  • Paperwork
  • Noticies
  • Appointments
  • Finding the right real estate investment suitable to your needs – worth noting we are the only consultancy firm offering investment options with guaranteed rental income.

If you have any other questions or doubts you can contact us at any point, and our international team will be happy to assist you.

The Golden Visa Program (GV) is a residency by investment program  created by the Portuguese government in October 2012 that grants you a residence permit to live and work in Portugal and circulate freely in 26 European Countries (Schengen Area countries) and the Portuguese Passport (if after the initial 5 years of the investment, you choose to apply for citizenship) allows you to travel to 188 countries without the need for a visa.

The Golden Visa Program in Europe offers you the possibility to bring your children and parents (+65) to live, work and enjoy Portugal and allows you to have access to all public services including healthcare and education.

Portugal has an extraordinary weather of an average of more than 300 days of sun per year therefore you can easily enjoy a walk in the Portuguese Golden beaches during any season.  The country offers you an affordable cost of living and has been ranked as the best destination for a long-term plan for a stable future.

For many years Portugal has been highly ranked for the safe environment and stable economy offering you the best Investment choice for you and your family.

We assist you in every aspect of the program, from identifying and purchasing the qualifying property to preparing and submitting the Golden Visa application.

The Investment Options are:


Most Affordable and Demanded Option

280,000€ – 350,000€: Renovation Golden Visa programme in Portugal is one of the most popular and attractive methods of obtaining European residency and citizenship.

An investment of 280,000€ or 350,000€ in real estate + costs (see below) will entitle you and your family to a residency visa. The visa can be renewed every two years, provided that the primary applicant and all dependents spend a minimum of seven days per year in the country.

After year 5 it is possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship. EU passport holders have the right to live, travel, work or study in any EU country. After obtaining citizenship it would be possible to sell your investment without this affecting your citizenship status.

500,000 €: Purchase of Real Estate Property that can be for housing, commercial, services.


Investment Fund

Acquisition units in investment funds or venture capital funds. The applicant shall invest in units of investment funds or venture capital funds for the capitalisation of companies, which are set up under Portuguese law, whose maturity, at the time of the investment is at least 5 years and if at least 60% of the value of the investments is made in commercial companies based in the national territory.

Lawyers’ Fees for Golden Visa (per family)

  • Golden Visa Application: 5,000€


  • Golden Visa Renewals: 1,500€ (per renewal, year 2 and 4)


  • Citizenship: 2,500€ (after 5 years)


Government Fees for Visa:

The Golden Visa involves payment of the following fees (payable directly to the Services of Foreigners and Borders (“SEF”):

  • Application fee 533€


  • Approval fee for first time residency applications (price per applicant): 5,325€


  • Approval fee for residency renewal applications: 2,663€ – Paid at the end of year 2 and 4

The main requirements for the application for citizenship are as follows:

  1. A) Having been at least 5 years resident of Portugal (please note that as long as you keep your investment under the Golden Visa – there is no requirement to ‘reside’ in Portugal during this time only 14 days for each 2 years)
  2. B) Pass a Portuguese test (A2 level according to the European classification of proficiency in languages).
  3. C) Clear criminal record.
  4. D) Inexistence of debts towards the Tax Authorities and Social Security.

The renovation projects are particularly attractive from an investment perspective, with high rental returns and potential for very high capital appreciation. The investment amount can include the cost of renovation and, most importantly, the renovation process is managed by the developers.

Projects that qualify for the renovation Golden Visa are incredibly difficult to find as the requirements surrounding how the property can be renovated are extremely stringent. Any properties that do become available sell in a very short space of time.

We can initiate the process by carrying out a Pre-Application Background Check. Following on, we break down the process to acquiring residency.

A) Decide on your Investment Type

We will assist you with selecting the best investment option in line with your requirements. With extensive experience in this sector, we are able to find the perfect real estate investment opportunity to suit your needs.

Once you have made a reservation on a qualifying investment we will then proceed to:

  1. Open a Portuguese bank account.
  2. Engage our legal partners and give power of attorney for managing the real estate transaction process and Golden Visa application.
  3. Submit Application:

When the application is completely prepared, it will be submitted by your legal representative in Portugal.

This can all be completed remotely, and you are not required to travel to Portugal.

  1. Post Application:

The application for the Portuguese Golden Visa will be approved in approximately 6 months (please note that this is based on current average processing times only – the exact processing time cannot be guaranteed).

The initial Golden Visa will be valid for two years, after which time it can be renewed for a further two years. At the end of year four, the Golden Visa can be renewed again for a further two years.

At the end of year 5, applicants will have the opportunity to apply directly for permanent residency.

After 5 years of holding the Golden Visa and assuming that all requirements have been met, it will be possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

No, you do not lose your primary residency. With the Golden Visa, Portugal issues you an Authorization of Residence, which allows you to live in Portugal and travel through the Schengen area. Not to be confused with Tax Residence, in which you can only have one (country where you pay your taxes).

Yes and No. Although you can sell your property during the five years, you must reinvest the minimum ammount (that served as basis to the application) in another property, as soon as possible, and that is also eligible. This is not something recommended, but can be done.
If you sell and buy a property that doesn’t fall in the eligible properties, your Portugal Golden Visa will not be renewed.