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Portugal has become a relocation paradise for many, investors, digital nomads, and wealthy entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of the 10 years of tax-free worldwide income, offered by the Non-habitual residency program. 


Golden Visa holders already have the right to reside in Portugal and enjoy free travel within the 26 nation members of the Schengen zone. 


Portugal has seen a consistent rise in property value in the national market, which offers the most affordable options compared to other Golden Visa programs such as Austria and Germany, as they do not have a residency by real estate investment option. 


Although there are many investment options, real estate is by far the most convenient to start the application process and is the most attractive because of its return on investment.


Working with an experienced real estate investment consultancy is the best way to start if you want to find good real estate investment opportunities in Portugal. 


At Golden Port Visa, we specialize in real estate and our Lisbon-based team is ready to guide you through the national market to find the ideal property that fits your needs.


Applying for a second residency or citizenship does take a bit of work and effort, and sometimes might seem challenging. 


As the program is getting popular among entrepreneurs and investors, the program is evolving and there are many areas an applicant can take the wrong turn and end up more confused about the next steps. 


While the costs of lawyers are not small, the cost of making a mistake in the immigration process could potentially cost even more



We have partnered up with a legal firm to assist you in every step of the application and navigate through the local bureaucracy to make the process as stress-free as possible, most of the process can be done remotely by our partners and you only need to be present when you are getting your residency card.


There are many advantages to obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal. These rights include the ability to work in Europe, as well as the freedom to travel freely within Europe, and, in particular, the ability to apply for EU citizenship after five years.


Learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa requirements here.

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