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Portugal golden visa properties for sale

Portugal golden visa properties for sale

Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, investors, and high-net-worth individuals are part of the list of applicants investing in the Portugal golden visa scheme and getting a residence permit. 


While there are many ways to secure Portuguese residency, purchasing a property in Portugal is the most popular route to secure residence permits for yourself and your family.


In this post, you’ll comprehend how working with a Portuguese immigration consultancy specializing in the real estate investment route can give you a huge advantage.


Portugal’s high quality of life, perfect climate, and tax incentive schemes make Portuguese residency by investment an attractive option for foreign investors.


As a result, many immigration consultancies offer all the investment routes and assist you to choose the best suited for you.


However, we only offer the real estate investment option at Golden Port visa, which allows us to work with the best project developers in the country to assist you to find your dream apartment, rental home, condo, or hotel, you name it.


Finding the right area is not the same as finding the perfect apartment or rental home. Our Lisbon-based brokers know the local real estate market and have their pulse on new listings. 


We offer you more listings with exclusive deals than those that are easily uncovered by internet searches.

The process of purchasing a property is already complex, you don’t have to spend all day on your computer looking for Portugal golden visa properties for sale.


A helping hand in a foreign country makes it easier for you to accomplish your goals.

The chances of a better offer, a faster sale,
guaranteed rental income, and experience of the whole investment process are major benefits you can get if you work with a consultancy.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

An immigration consultancy in real estate also serves you as an advisor, preparing you for every move in a competitive and often unpredictable rules of the investment program.

All of this is second nature for us.

If you plan to apply for the Portugal golden visa via real estate investment, it’s important that you work with the correct immigration consultancy who knows the local area and law.

Contact us via email or schedule a free call to learn more about the Portugal golden visa investment, or read the
Portugal golden visa guide to know more about the program.

FAQs - Portugal golden visa properties for sale

What Portugal golden visa are for sale?

Villas, houses, apartments, duplexes, and hotels, there are many property types on the market.


Why invest in property for the Portugal golden visa?

Aside from Portugal’s stable real estate market, the thriving tourism industry in Portugal means you can potentially acquire a good return rate on your investment if you let out your property.


Can you buy a Portuguese passport if you buy a property?

No. You’ll first be granted a temporary residence for yourself and your family. With the renewal of your golden visa permit in the fifth year, you’ll be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

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