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The Portugal Golden Visa is Changing⌛

Portugal Golden Visa Real Estate Investment

Portugal Golden Visa Real Estate Investment

The Portugal Golden Visa has met some major changes on 1 st January 2022. According to the new rules, the regions where you can make real estate investments to qualify for Portugal’s golden visa have changed, and the investment threshold has increased.


This post will give you insights into the new changes and the current state of the Portugal golden visa properties eligible for Portuguese golden visa.


It’s true that there has been confusion and panic about properties in Portugal. However, the new rules don’t lower your chance of getting a Portugal golden visa through real estate investment.


Overview of Portugal Golden Visa changes 


Two main changes have been introduced:


  • Where you can buy a residential property has been limited to some locations.

  • Investment amounts for capital transfers and cultural and fund investments have been raised.


While the changes on the restriction for property acquisition might be confusing. It’s important that you become familiar with the terms of low-density areas and high-density areas, as well as interior and non-interior regions.


If an area has fewer than 100 inhabitants per km2 or a GDP per capita less than 75% of the national average, it’s named “low-density”.


In “interior areas,” you’re free to make either residential or commercial property investments. However, in “non-interior,” you can only invest in commercial properties, such as offices or hotels.

Portugal Golden Visa Real Estate

Eligible Real estate investment options

Real estate investment is still an option for Portugal Golden Visa investors. Here are some routes you can take to qualify.


Residential real estate


You can choose to buy residential real estate in an interior area and pay €500,000. But there’s also the possibility of investing €350,000 in an urban rehabilitation project.


If the residential property is in a designated low-density area in Portugal, you’re also eligible for a 20% discount on the minimum investment threshold.


Commercial real estate


You can buy commercial real estate anywhere in Portugal if it is worth at least €500,000.


An investment of €350,000 is also possible if the property is part of an urban rehabilitation project. You’re also eligible for a 20% drop on the minimum investment threshold.


If you’re going to invest in real estate in Madeira Islands or the Azores. The minimum investment for these areas is €500,000, but there is no discount available as these islands aren’t included in Portugal’s low-density areas, as well as Lisbon, Porto and the majority of the Algarve.


You might be thinking that buying a house in popular spots and qualifying for a golden visa at the same time isn’t possible.


That’s not true, though


Although the “most famous” places have been taken away from the equation, there are many locations where you can find your ideal property. Such as Comporta, Alentejo and Sagres.


Getting a golden visa in Portugal through real estate investment is still possible. Once you go through all areas, you’ll realize that Portugal’s real estate scenario is promising, but this search isn’t a simple DIY. 


Whether you choose to live in the historical city of Évora or the Seaview from coastal towns.


You’ll need a local team assisting you from the best real estate options to beating the local bureaucracy.


Golden Port Visa is here to assist you through the entire process. We are more than an immigration consultancy – we are your trusted Portuguese partner that will help you achieve your relocation goal.



We work with exclusive real estate developers in Portugal to offer a wide array of  properties to fit your needs and lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a free call or send us an email to know more about the program.

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