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Portugal Golden Visa For UK Citizens

With Brexit, it is harder for UK citizens to move freely in the EU. They have been searching for ways to keep their travel rights across Europe. 


We’ll explain the Portugal Golden Visa program, what the requirements and process look like, and why it’s a perfect option for Brits to regain their EU citizenship.


UK citizens could not apply to this program in 2020. However, British citizens can apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal after Brexit. 


This program grants a UK citizen the right to travel, work and study freely around the Schengen area. A right that Brexit partially took away.

Portugal Golden Visa For UK citizens:

Does Portugal’s Golden Visa lead to citizenship?

Definitely, the Portugal Golden Visa for UK citizens is one of the most convenient and quickest ways to get EU citizenship after Brexit.

You’ll have to maintain your residency status for five years through your investment of preference. The residency by real estate investment is the most attractive because investors own properties, and some have a guaranteed rental income.

After holding your residency status for five years, you’ll be eligible to submit your application for Portuguese citizenship.

Benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa for you as a UK citizen

UK citizens face long queues at European airports, restrictions on the number of days they can stay within the Schengen area as tourists, and complicated bureaucratic processes to obtain residency.

The good news – if you are a Brit reading this article, getting the Portugal Golden Visa is a great first step.


The benefits include the following:

  • Portugal residency permit, allowing you to travel, work and study without any restriction throughout the EU.

  • Rights to residency in Portugal, the Portugal Golden Visa program is one of the most flexible residency programs of all. You don’t have to live there all year round, just seven days per year in-country within the first year you get your residency card permit. 

  • Get EU rights for your family. As a Golden Visa holder, your immediate family member has the right to residency in Portugal alongside you. That puts them on the same five-year track to eligibility for citizenship.

  • Healthy return on investments. The Portugal Golden Visa properties is an increasingly popular option in hot tourist destinations. Depending on which Golden Visa option you choose, there’s the potential for making significant returns on your investments.

  • Low cost of living in Portugal. With the recent news of massive cost of living increases in the UK, many will look further for cheaper options. Portugal is still relatively affordable, without the same extreme price increases in food and fuel recently in the UK.

  • Affordable healthcare. If you spend more than half the year in the country, you and your family will qualify for coverage through the country’s healthcare system. But if you stay less than half the year in the country, you are considered a temporary resident. Therefore, you do not yet qualify for resident/citizen insurance. But, the cost of private insurance is relatively low though, ranging from 150 to 1000 EUR.

  • Favorable tax policies. Portugal has the Non-habitual-resident tax scheme, which allows UK citizens living in Portugal with the Golden Visa to access an attractive tax treatment on their foreign income, including pensions, dividends, and rental income. The Portugal Golden Visa gives you full access to the NHR benefits – if you choose to live in Portugal.

  • Fantastic weather. Last but not least, if you choose to live in southern locations such as the Algarve or Madeira, you’ll have sunshine and warm temperatures most of the year-round. 

The main requirement for UK citizens to get the Portugal Golden Visa is to make a significant investment in Portugal. You also need to be a non-EU/EEA citizen with a clean criminal record and at least 18 years old. Learn more about the Portugal Golden visa requirements here.

The Portugal Golden Visa for UK citizens is the best path to regaining your EU rights.

At Golden Port Visa, we’ll assist you in navigating the Portuguese bureaucracy to get the Portugal Golden Visa by real estate investment.

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