Portugal Golden Visa Real Estate Investment Options with Guaranteed Rental Income

The guaranteed rental income properties offer security on your Portugal Golden Visa application investment; whilst also minimizing the associated risk of the investment. We work only with the best developers and property managers offering exclusively the best properties.

The properties can be hotels, rental properties in low density or high-density areas or commercial properties. We work with partners and insurance companies to secure the investment return.

The guaranteed rental income properties might offer a lower yield than if you managed them directly; but you get complete peace of mind by knowing that the best property developers and managers are working for you and to give your investment a stable and solid return.


  • Price range: 175,000 to 450,000 EUR
  • See PDF Brochure here
  • GV eligibility: 350,000 EUR
  • Freehold property
  • 3% Guaranteed Return OR Flexible Rental option
  • Usage of property permitted in flexible rental option


  • 4-star hotel
  • Starting at 280,000 EUR
  • See PDF brochure here.
  • 3.5% return, paid upfront by developer
  • 4 Weeks Stay per year in Hotel
75% Invested


  • 4-Star Hotel Project
  • See PDF Brochure here.
  • 7 Days Free Stay per year
  • 3% per year and guaranteed buyback
  • Prices from €350,000
  • IMT Paid by Developer
  • VAT Paid by Developer
  • IMI exemption during construction period
Fully Invested


  • Developer with a vast track record of property management
  • Starting at 280,000 EUR
  • See PDF brochure here.
  • 3rd most sought after municipality to live in Portugal
  • 3% return on your total investment for up to 5 years

Fully Invested

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