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Portugal Golden Visa Real Estate Investment Options Starting at 280,000 EUR

This page presents you with the entry level properties for the Portugal Golden Visa applications starting at 280,000 EUR. Or what some might call it, the Portugal Golden Visa properties from 280k.

In this page we offer Portugal Golden Visa properties that range from 280,000 EUR to 350,000 EUR.

At Golden Port Visa we work exclusively with the finest and most luxurious developers offering renovated, off-market, residential and commercial as well new-built real estate properties in Portugal.

On top of sourcing the best properties for your Portugal Golden Visa application, we offer something else which is very special. We believe to be the only migration consultancy firm offering properties with guaranteed rental incomes. The guarantee is coming directly from the developer. This means the properties that fall under this category will give you a guaranteed income for a fixed amount of years. Of course, as expected the return on investment might be a little lower than market rates. But if you managed the property directly, you will need to spend time and resources doing it. Whereas with a Income Guarantee you leave it to be proffesionally managed by a local team, giving you a minimum yield of 3% per year. You can view our Guaranteed Rental Income properties here.

Best of all? You can include Income Guarantee properties in your application. And do you wish to know something even better? We sometimes have commercial properties in the form of hotels. This means the developer is offering a stake in the hotel asset, together with a fixed return, and also some barter nights to enjoy during your obligatory visits. See the Portugal Golden Visa process here.

The Guaranteed Rental Income option is for both commercial properties and residential properties. Of course, if you are looking to use the property in which you want to invest, then there is no need to select a property with the Guaranteed Rental Income, but for those of you looking to invest and secure the benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa program, then the Income Guarantee option is not only ideal, but perfect.

At Golden Port Visa we are constantly analysing new deals for our clients. We also have off-market properties which may fall under the umbrella of the Golden Visa requirements. We will be happy to assist you when you are ready to invest. Contact us.


  • Developer with a vast track record of property management
  • Starting at 280,000 EUR
  • See PDF brochure here.
  • 3rd most sought after municipality to live in Portugal
  • 3% return on your total investment for up to 5 years

Fully Invested


  • 4-star hotel
  • Starting at 280,000 EUR
  • See PDF brochure here.
  • 3.5% return, paid upfront by developer
  • 4 Weeks Stay per year in Hotel
Fully Invested


  • Prices from 280,000 EUR
  • See PDF Brochure here.
  • Golden Visa eligible under reduced legislation
  • 2 Hotel Projects
  • IMT Paid by Developer
  • VAT Paid by Developer
  • IMI exemption during construction period
  • 7 Days Free Stay per year
  • Algarve Portugal Golden Visa Property
Fully Invested


  • Freehold duplex two bedroom villas
  • Starting from 280,000 EUR
  • See PDF Brochure here
  • Private development
  • 3% guaranteed rental option available
  • 30 minutes from some of Portugal’s best beaches of Comporta and Melides
  • Portugal Golden Visa property eligible under reduced legislation
Fully Invested

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