Especialistas Portugal Golden Visa


In this blog we talk about the Portugal Golden Visa. At Golden Port Visa we specialise exclusively on applications for the Portugal Golden Visa, also known as the Portugal Residency Investment Visa. You can find more about us here, and our brochure here. So what do we do exactly?

Well, our clients come to us with the idea of diversifying their assets as well as getting a second passport, or sometimes third/fourth. And in this case, a European passport. Our most common client profile is a family of four (husband, wife and two children). Our clients contact us when they have already made the decision to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa, as we are the best migration consultancy firm operating from Portugal directly. We help our clients successfully apply for the Portugal Golden Visa, and accompany them from start to finish and beyond. Since 2012 we have executed more than 1500 applications.

Our clients come primarily from China, India, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, the USA and recently the United Kingdom. Our team is based in Lisbon but multi-lingual, able to serve clients in English and Chinese. The Portugal Golden Visa is Europes most successful Golden Visa program,  having received in 2021 over 5.2 EUR Billion in investment since 2012.

At Golden Port Visa we work with the finest Property Developers and Property Managers, to offer our clients not only exclusive deals unavailable anywhere else (other migration consultancy or broker), but also a large and diverse real estate portfolio in order to serve our clients wishes. We offer both residential and commercial projects, as well as projects with guaranteed rental income.

On their time off, our amazing team helps build the Portugal Golden Visa knowledge base, so you get free up-to-date information on the Portugal Golden Visa programme. Once you are ready to start your application you may simply contact us and our team will schedule a meeting with you.