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Setubal Golden Visa: Best areas to invest in real estate

Setubal Golden Visa

Setubal, a picturesque coastal city situated in the southern part of Portugal, is gaining popularity as an ideal destination for real estate investment.

Not only is Setubal an excellent place to live, but it also offers a great opportunity to invest in property and gain residency through Portugal’s Golden Visa program.

The Portuguese Government launched the Golden Visa program in 2012 to attract foreign investment to the country. Under this program, foreign investors can invest in Portuguese real estate and obtain residency in Portugal. 

Setubal has emerged as one of the most popular regions for real estate investment under this program.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Setubal?

One of the main reasons to invest in real estate in Setubal is the Portuguese Golden Visa program. This program offers non-EU citizens a way to obtain residency in Portugal by investing in real estate.

By investing in real estate in Setubal, you can not only obtain residency in Portugal but also enjoy all the benefits of living in this beautiful city.

Another reason to invest in real estate in Setubal is the city’s booming real estate market.

Property prices in Setubal have been steadily rising in recent years, and the city is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for real estate investors. 

Plus, with the Portuguese government offering tax incentives for real estate investors, investing in Setubal has never been more attractive.

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Life in Setubal

Setubal is a charming and historic city located on the coast of Portugal, just 30 kilometers south of Lisbon. With a population of approximately 120,000 inhabitants, Setubal offers a unique blend of traditional Portuguese culture and modern amenities.

Living in Setubal provides a high quality of life, with a Mediterranean climate, picturesque scenery, and a friendly local community. 

The city boasts numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as a lively cultural scene, with music festivals and art exhibitions held throughout the year.

One of the key reasons to invest in Portugal, and Setubal in particular, is the country’s Golden Visa program. This initiative allows foreign investors to obtain residency in Portugal by investing in the country, either through real estate or funds. 

The program has been a great success, attracting billions of euros in investment to Portugal and creating thousands of jobs.

The Portuguese Parliament recently pushed the date of the program’s end to an unspecified date, indicating a commitment to maintaining the initiative for the foreseeable future. 

This means that there is still time to take advantage of the program and invest in Setubal and Portugal as a whole.

In conclusion, living in Setubal offers a high quality of life, with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Investing in Portugal, and taking advantage of the Golden Visa program, provides investors with a stable and secure environment, strategic location, and attractive returns. 

Although the program’s end date is uncertain, the Portuguese government has shown a commitment to maintaining it, making it a wise investment option for those looking to establish themselves in Europe.

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