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The Portugal Golden Visa is Changing⌛

Why is Portugal the most attractive option for a second passport?

A year-round Mediterranean climate. Beaches with crystal blue waves. Irresistibly gastronomy full of fresh seafood. These are some extra perks about living in Portugal. The sunny seaside nation attracts international travelers and is also getting the attention of savvy investors and wealthy entrepreneurs.


In an effort to attract foreign investors and property buyers, Portugal introduced Europe`s first Golden Visa Program in 2012. By all means, the residency by investment program was a success – since its launch, the investor visa program has generated more than €3.7 billion.


The residency by investment program allows any third-country national – and anyone who is not a Portuguese or EU/EFTA citizen – to gain residency in Portugal with a qualifying investment in the country. Learn more about the investment options here.


Thanks to this program, Portugal is one of the most dynamic property markets in Europe. Even as the property market flourishes, Portuguese real estate remains an exceptional value. 


By holding an investment in Portugal you are entitled to enjoy these benefits:


Affordable cost of living


You will be surprised by the cost of living compared to other western European countries. It is the most affordable and considered by many entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and investors. How much you spend will depend on your lifestyle.

Quality of life

One of the most important aspects many consider before visiting or moving to another country, whether solo or with your family, is its safety. Portugal is ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world in 2020 by the Global Peace Index. You will find that locals often help with queries unreservedly, given their peaceful nature.

Favorable Migration, citizen and tax

The tax scheme introduced a range of tax benefits for EU and non-EU citizens, making obtaining residence by investment quick, stress-free, and financially lucrative. The aim is to encourage direct foreign investment to strengthen the Portuguese economy.


Portugal offers a selection of attractive advantages for those choosing to invest in property, with favorable tax regulations like the Non-Habitual Residence (NHR).


This is another buyer-incentive program designed for international investors and professinals to legally earn qualifying foreign-sourced income without paying taxes in Portugal. Under the NHR, sources of income that are eligible not to be taxed include foreign-source self-employment, capital gains, investment income, rental income, royalties, and occupational pensions.


The Portugal Golden Visa program is known for being the fastest way to EU citizenship, if you hold your investment for five years you decide whether keep the resident card or apply for the citizenship, the second will give access to a powerful passport ranked 3th in Global Power Rank 2020 with free visa or visa on arrival access and giving you the freedom and mobility to live and work in all 26 EU countries as a local citizen.



If you want to invest in a yielding real estate European market, feel free to contact us. Learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa Benefits and how to get the Golden Visa.